Rummage Rescuers is a registered CIC (Community Interest Company).  As a CIC, we’re entirely a ‘not for profit’ organisation, unlike most charities.  This means that any profit we do make goes toward paying overheads and staff expenses where applicable.

But what happens if we do make a profit?
If, at the end of the year, we do have a surplus, this will be used to help other local community ventures within the area.

What does the Rummage Rescuers community shop provide?
Our shop provides a hub for people, from all walks of life, to gain valuable work experience.  It may be that they simply want to get out of the house, just meet new people or volunteer in their retirement.

The Rummage Rescuers team also pride themselves on being able to offer help to those in need, largely free of charge via our network of volunteers.  Our entire team thoroughly enjoy all the work they do.

Are you a charity?
We have to point out that we’re not a charity, but a Community Interest Company (or CIC).  As a CIC, we don’t operate for profit.

Do you accept any donations?
Yes!  Please click here for further information on the useful items we can accept as donations.

Who do Rummage Rescuers help?
We support people in need in a variety of ways.  An example would be using our community shops as drop-off points so that people could donate items of food, clothing and white goods etc in support of Whalley & Billington Flood Victim’s Support Group at the Whalley Community Centre.

Rummage Rescuers have also contributed to a variety of other local projects, as well as donating funds to ‘Cold Cot’ and ‘Race for Life.’  All our fundraising activities are published within our Facebook group.

Additionally, our volunteers are encouraged and supported in their steps to employment, should this be applicable.  They’re also provided with further training opportunities allowing them to obtain new skill sets.

Where can I find you?
You can find the Rummage Rescuers community shops at:

  • 34 New Wellington Street, Blackburn, BB2 4DY
  • 2-3 Thomas Street, Whalley Banks, BB2 1NR
  • 5C Town Hall Street, Blackburn, BB2 1AG

For maps of these shops, please click here.

Do Rummage Rescuers offer a delivery service?
We’re happy to deliver for a small charge, dependent on mileage.

Are Rummage Rescuers looking for volunteers?
Yes!  We’re always in need of volunteers for various roles in both of our community shops, for details of the opportunities available, please click here.