How the community pound pending scheme helps…

A homeless man named “Frank” came into Rummage Rescuers today, “Frank” was freezing cold and asked for our help, and after following the advice of our Chief Executive Officer Liz Crook he was able to access the Rummage Rescuers Community Pound Pending scheme.

Frank was able to purchase a coat for just £3 and left the shop both warm and happy.

Our Pound Pending scheme is designed for this, but we need your help, it takes just £1 and you can make a difference.

Rummage Rescuers Chief Executive Officer Liz Crook says: “It was a privilege to actually see the scheme work, thank you so much to all the kind and amazing people who’ve donated, some of which saw Frank!”

You can help us help many more people like Frank, please donate now at


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