What Customers Say

These are comments from just some of the people Rummage Rescuers have helped:



‘I originally called in regard to an electric cooker for a family also nominated them for a food hamper at Christmas.

Thank you for all your support in regard to the cooker and services in the area’ –  Deborah McKelvie Social Worker Assessment and Safeguarding Blackburn with Darwen Children’s Services


‘Your Service provides many strands of support, from intensive 1-1 assistance for young and older vulnerable residents to providing the opportunity for people with multiple needs to gain valuable work experience in a supportive environment.

Your service has provided many homeless people including ex care leavers assistance in accessing housing options and benefits with the aim of getting them into places of safety. Overall the support your service provides is consistent, common sense and sustained and a real community asset.’ – Carole Ward LD & Inclusive Services Co-ordinator Your Support Your Choice


’I would just like to thank Rummage Rescuers for the assistance and support shown recently for one of my clients in helping him swiftly move property.

My client has learning disabilities and struggles to manage on his low income. It was crucial that he moved property as soon as possible due to being the victim of an Arson attack and fearful of his own safety.

A new property was found but the cost of other removals companies would have meant my client having to save for weeks before being able to move his belongings. Fortunately, the cost of removals through Rummage Rescuers was more affordable and enabled him to be moved swiftly, ultimately helping to protect him from further targeted attacks and take away the associated worry and stress for my vulnerable client. As an agency working with/referring to Rummage Rescuers, I found the service to be very professional with good communication throughout. I would certainly use this service again and recommend to others. –  Carlene Wilson Probation Officer Blackburn Probation Office


Rummage Rescuers is a community-driven organisation based in Blackburn, Lancashire and has been supporting local people with household items, clothing and many other items at affordable prices. Rummage Rescuers holds two shops which are stocked with items that are donated via local communities and local organisations.

The furniture warehouse stocks bulk items of furniture donated by local people. Open to the public, the warehouse offers a collection and delivery service. Rummage Rescuers work closely with statutory and private organisations to support people in need locally and particularly people moving from temporary to permanent accommodation. Rummage Rescuers is an invaluable resource to StreetReach and the vulnerable people with whom StreetReach works. StreetReach can apply for a Community Care Grant of £100 per individual who needs to be re – homed, for example, from a hostel to private accommodation. With this grant, a vulnerable person can access Rummage Rescuers and buy necessities at an affordable price, which they otherwise would not be able to afford. The individuals have really benefited from this organisation and in very many cases have gone on to volunteer for the organisation as they have been overwhelmed by the support. To say the least if Rummage Rescuers was to be shut down, many vulnerable local people and organisations such as StreetReach would be hugely affected.’ – Natalie Hall StreetReach Worker


‘Just wanted to send a big thank you to you and the team for your ongoing support to the vulnerable individuals that we support. Rummage Rescuers have really come to the aid of these individuals when they are setting up their homes –especially as they are often coming with little or no furniture, so your help (often at the 11th hour!) is extremely appreciated by both us and the individuals.

I wish you every success going forward and hope that Rummage Rescuers continues to provide a invaluable service to those who need it’ – Janine Forshaw New Build Project Manager Chorley Office Life Ways


‘The first point of contact was for a complex young man who required a profiling bed. There had been numerous concerns raised regarding this young man not sleeping which resulted in an escalation of negative behaviour to include sleepless nights for his carers.

To access this resource from the normal channels is unfortunately a timely exercise and something that may have resulted in complete family breakdown with a rapidly deteriorating situation. Rescue Rummagers came to the rescue and provided a bed, they delivered the bed and safely made sure it was set up correctly before the service user used it. The results are amazing , better sleep, less stress for all concerned and a situation resolved

The second time I contacted Rescue Rummagers was again for a bed and a mattress. This was for a couple who were going to move into a new property. I rang the shop, enquired and secured a bed and mattress in minutes. I was assured the bed and mattress would be delivered as soon as I gave the go ahead and it was.

The bed was delivered when requested. I was amazed at the cost of this service, with quality goods and delivery that could not be cheaper anywhere. Blackburn is a lucky place to have such a good ethical service that supports vulnerable individuals and families that are in need. I hope that this service will continue for years to come and many more can benefit from what they can provide.’ – Social Worker Learning Disabilities Team Adult Social Services Blackburn With Darwen Borough Council


We have had several offenders benefit from the service of Rumage Rescuers, both by helping them set up when moving into new properties, providing lots of help and support and also providing volunteering opportunities for people in various roles. They have always been willing to give anyone a chance which can really make a difference to people wanting to reintegrateback into society. – Lisa Malone Probation Services Officer Blackburn Probation Office


’I have worked with Rummage Rescuer’s since they have opened their stores in Blackburn. I have been able to help my clients furnish their homes and give them a good start in their new tenancy.

I work with vulnerable families, who often don’t have family support and by going to Rummage Rescuers, I have found staff to be very helpful, friendly and have put my clients at ease. One of my clients who was fleeing DV from her family, was able to furnish her home with the help from Rummage Rescuers . This was very empowering for my client, who had to stay at the Salvation Army Hostel before successfully getting her home through Twin Valley. My client told me her parent’s house had been nicely furnished, it became very important to make her house a home for her and her baby and she was able to do this with the help of Rummage Rescuers’ – Michelle Jordan Young Parents Housing Officer Blackburn Old Town Hall


At MEAM we strive to work with some of the most vulnerable people in the community who have often experienced traumatic and chaotic lifestyles and found themselves with no home and nobody to turn to. Whether residing in a house of multiple occupancy, homeless and living on the streets,or released from the prison services, these people often come with multiple needs and health issues. This is where MEAM’s team of dedicated and passionate workers comes into play and where the heart of this project lies.

We take individuals wider issues such as drugs and alcohol or mental health matters and provide bespoke packages to meet their needs. This may include helping them to manage stress and anxieties, keeping appointments, signposting and working in partnership with other agencies to ensure each individual receives the right support to help them find a place of their own with the prospect of a happy, healthy and positive future. Rummage Rescuers have been supporting local people with household items, clothing and many other items at affordable prices. This particular organisation has been a huge help to the local people who cannot afford such necessities. At MEAM we receive community grants(£100 per person) which is used at Rummage Rescuers to buy affordable furniture for individuals under the MEAM project. The individualshave really benefited from this organisation and In most cases have then gone on to volunteer forthe organisation as they have been overwhelmed by the support. To say the least if Rummage Rescuers was to be shut down many of the local people would be affected –  Marie Duckworth MEAM Project Manager


‘Rummage Rescuers provided household items to a male that I was moving into sheltered accommodation who had been made homeless.  They were very supportive and understanding and I was able to take him to their warehouse to select the things he required for his new property.

The items were delivered to the property when he moved in and the people who brought the furniture were extremely helpful.

The service was excellent considering he did not have money to purchase the items from new and he is doing well in his new home.’ –  Simon Griffin Senior Social Worker Safeguarding Adults Team