Pound Pending scheme update

Pound Pending scheme update


Thank you to all those who’ve donated to our community Pound Pending scheme so far, the total amount donated currently stands at £38.75.

Pound Pending is aimed to support those in need i.e. the homeless, flood victims etc. It enables us to provide coats, scarves, gloves, jumpers and other items of clothing to those who really need it.

If you’re in need, all you need to do is visit either one of the Rummage Rescuers community shops and ask for goods via Pound Pending.  We can’t do this without your generous support and it costs just £1.

To donate to the Pound Pending scheme via Paypal or for details of Rummage Rescuers community shop locations, please visit our website at www.rummagerescuers.org.uk.  If you’re intending to use a smart phone to donate, please click here.