Volunteers’ Stories





Meet Carole! 

Carole Smith is a volunteer in the Rummage Rescuers flagship community shop.  Carole has been with Rummage Rescuers since the adventure began.

Some interesting facts about Carole

Carole has been to Graceland to visit Elvis Presley’s grave and has only recently returned from three weeks holiday after touring Route 66.

Carole’s claim to fame is that her father was good friends with Laurel and Hardy.

Additionally, Carole’s blood line goes all the way back to John of Gaunt (King of Wales.)

Meet Maggie! 

As well as working in the Rummage Rescuers shop, Margaret Gaynor (or Maggie as she’s known to her friends) is also the driver and chaperone for Fern during deliveries and collections.

Maggie was born profoundly deaf and went to a nursery for deaf children, she then attended Royal Cross School for deaf children in Preston.

Maggie has two sons and 10 grandchildren, she enjoys watching DVDs and visiting family and friends. She also really enjoys visiting Scotland every August for two weeks holiday.

Some interesting facts about Maggie
Maggie tells us that in her younger days, she was a huge Bay City Rollers fan, she also tells us she’s going to see them in concert in November at King George’s Hall, Blackburn as a birthday treat. Maggie’s also a black belt in Karate, which I did attained when she was younger.

Maggie used to play in a football team and is a very good swimmer.