Community Spirit The Great Rummage Rescuers Refit

We need your help for the Great Rummage Rescuers Refit!

Rummage Rescuers are excited to announce that we will be performing a major revamp and redesign of the interior of our flagship community store at 34 New Wellington Street, Blackburn.

As part of this revamp, we will be removing false walls, the shop counter, re-decorating and adding new flooring.  We really need the support of the local community to achieve this, therefore if you know of any local businesses who would be able to assist us with this project or supply items for the revamp, please contact us or drop into our shop at 34 New Wellington Street, Blackburn for a chat or email

A big thank you in advance from the entire Rummage Rescuers team for any assistance the community and local businesses can offer!